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About Unicatch Industrial Co., Ltd.

Unicatch Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded 1986 in Taiwan, started off by introducing advanced technology of automatic manufacturing equipments for producing collated nails and industrial staples, and successfully launched the Unicatch Brand products into the global market.
Unicatch was qualified for ISO 9001 since 1995 and JIS A5556 since 2013. Focusing on new products design and development, standardize the production flow with best production stabilization, we ensure to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. Quality control is a crucial factor at Unicatch. Material and finished products are carefully inspected by well-trained inspectors with appropriate equipment at each production stage. The inspection equipment includes hardness testing machine, tensile testing machine, torque meter, thermometer, hygrometer, salty spray test device, optic projector measurement, etc.
We proudly introduced our private label “Unicatch” in early 90’s and setup the warehouse and marketing department in U.S.A. With 30 years of experiences in fastener, Unicatch built up a strong marketing recognition in the U.S., European and Japanese markets. Other than our private label “Unicatch”, we also provide OEM & ODM services with the highest customer satisfaction.
In the future, Unicatch will maintain and provide with premium services, full line fastening products, consistently research and design to meet the market trend with finest quality, competitive price and accurate delivery. Creating a Win-Win opportunity for the end-user, sellers and manufactures is our ultimate goal.



公司雖擁有完整之生產設備,但仍陸續引進了國內外先進的生產設備及量測監控設備。並於1995年通過經濟部商品檢驗局ISO 9001╱CNS 12682之品質管理系統認證。2013年工業針取得日本JIS A5556產品認證。